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One thing is certain. People won’t consume energy tomorrow like they do today. Our investment programs are focused on the consumer usages and manufacturer needs of ten, fifteen, twenty years down the line. Developing our own proprietary intellectual property, we provide markets with the technologies they will need tomorrow.

Our latest projects: Hydrogen, hybrids, materials, emission controls.


A next-generation solution for powering vehicles: our hydrogen-based technology integrates an entire ecosystem, including a simplified low-investment distribution system based on cartridges, network-connected to manage supply.



Knowing that the energy mix of hybrid vehicles will vary by region, we are creating an energy-agnostic system offer. This standard platform, including electric, hydraulic, and hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid powertrains, will be adapted to the specifics of each market’s usage.



Collaborating with leading-edge laboratories in the aerospace industry, we are developing materials adapted to the stakes and usages of tomorrow’s world: lighter, more durable and more efficient.


Emission Controls

Our DPF (diesel particulate filter) and SCR (selective catalyst reduction) technologies are already on the road worldwide and will generate €6 billion in turnover for our industry partners (Tier 1 suppliers) by 2025.

Our unique model

Start sooner
move faster_

Our main driver is the fact that in ten years twice as many new cars will be sold as in 2015. The crucial questions: How will we absorb and manage this increasing energy demand? How will mobility evolve?

To leverage tomorrow’s business environment, we start early and move quickly.

To accelerate time-to-market, we do not work sequentially, we bring together research, investors, and industry very early in the process.

The keys to our success:

Business model, Performance, Methodology

Technological Insight

Our ability to identify overlooked high-potential technologies, to build coherent system platforms and finance their development is key.

We finance the early-stage development ourselves, and subsequently partner with investors and industrial manufacturers.

Deep Domain Knowledge

Our intimate and highly granular understanding of the automotive, aerospace, chemical and energy industries, their functioning and future needs means that pertinent research is immediately connected to the market.

Unique Business Model

We simultaneously pilot research and business development.

We bring in the manufacturers who will handle the industrialisation and commercialisation of the technology, very early in the research process, to facilitate securing investment.



Our core management team comes from complementary backgrounds and cultures: research, marketing, banking, and engineering.
Stephane Aver

Stéphane Aver

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Paris I (Asset Management, Bank & Money Market)
20 years of experience in creating value-enhancement strategies and negotiating contracts at upper-management levels with large multinationals in the domain of high profitability technologies.

Jean-Baptiste Dementhon

Dr Jean-Baptiste Dementhon

Vice-President - Technology & Platforms

20 years of experience in automotive powertrain design and research at CORIA – University of Rouen, France, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Imperial College of Science Medicine and Technology in London and IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole). He has built-up consistent patent portfolios, and run combustion and emissions control development projects for major car manufacturers, Tier One suppliers and start-ups. He has led innovation & business development activities and licensing negotiations on a global scale.

Michael Levy

Michael F. Levy

Vice-President - Research & Innovation

INSEAD (MBA) / UCLA (MSEE) / MIT (BS Physics).
He has extensive hands-on experience in managing and financing disruptive technology innovation in the semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace and automotive industries, in start-ups, small businesses, and multinationals: R&D project management at Hughes Aircraft Company / General Motors, and Eaton Corporation; Sales & Marketing at Tyco Electronics, Riber SA, and Inergy Automotive Systems; Mergers & Acquisitions at Honeywell.

As an active member of the Licensing Executive Society, Michael Levy also promotes licensing best practices and financial valuation techniques to the research community.

Karim Mokaddem

Dr Karim Mokaddem

General Manager of Aaqius Capital

He was previously Project Executive Manager at PSA Peugeot Citroen and President of TECHNOBOOST, JV between PSA and the French Government. He has been working for PSA for 14 years. Positions held have included Advanced Powertrain Executive Manager and Advanced Diesel Powertrain Projects Manager. He started his career at Institut Francais du Petrole.

Karim Mokaddem holds an MS degree in mechanical engineering, a PhD in Physics and an Executive MBA. His last project within PSA was internationally awarded for its outstanding innovation and management aspects.


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  • AFD – Hydrogen vehicles: A step further for the climate?

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  • Solutions COP 21 c’est fini …

    AAQIUS remercie les visiteurs professionnels et grand public d’être venus très nombreux sur son stand afin de découvrir en première mondiale sa nouvelle innovation dans le domaine de la mobilité et de l’énergie verte : STOR-H, le nouveau standard Hydrogène.

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  • AAQIUS präsentiert als Weltpremiere STOR-H, den neuen Standard in der Wasserstofftechnik

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  • Direction COP21 : les solutions pour sauver le climat au Grand Palais

    Solutions COP21 s’installe au Grand Palais du 4 au 10 décembre. Un rendez-vous citoyen qui démontre qu’il existe déjà des solutions pour entrer dans une société post-carbone. Et pour en parler sur LCI Matin, Gilles Berhault, Président du Comité 21 était notre invité : la décision importante qui doit se prendre au Bourget « n’a de sens que si la société passe à l’action ».

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  • AAQIUS presents its game-changing mobility innovation: STOR-H, the new hydrogen standard

    AAQIUS has chosen Solutions COP21 to present its latest disruptive innovation for zeroemissions vehicles and low-carbon energy: STOR-H, the new hydrogen standard. From the 4th to the 10th of December, at Paris’ Grand Palais, those visiting Solutions COP21
    will have the chance to try out the first STOR-H scooters.

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  • AAQIUS présente en 1ère mondiale une innovation de rupture pour la mobilité : STOR-H, le nouveau standard hydrogène

    AAQIUS a choisi Solutions COP21 pour présenter sa nouvelle innovation de rupture dans le domaine de l’automobile et de l’énergie décarbonée : STOR-H, le nouveau standard hydrogène.

    Du 4 au 10 décembre, au Grand Palais, les visiteurs de Solutions COP21 auront la possibilité d’essayer les premiers scooters STOR-H. Le public pourra aussi découvrir une voiture de sport hybride équipée de la technologie STOR-H.

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  • AAQIUS rewarded for its new visual identity at the Grands Prix Stratégies du Design 2015

    At the 29th annual Grands Prix du Stratégies du Design, the jury praised the creativity, originality and the avant-garde design of AAQIUS’ new look. The redesign took home the award for best visual identity design.

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  • Karim Mokaddem joins Aaqius to head the group’s new investment fund

    Karim Mokaddem, 46, is joining Aaqius as General Manager of the group’s new investment fund.

    Karim Mokaddem was previously the CEO of TECHNOBOOST, a joint venture between PSA Peugeot Citroën and the French Government, and Director of the Hybrid Air Project at PSA Peugeot Citroën.

    30.03.2015 Download Press Release_
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